Basic Personal Information


  • Italian citizen, was born in Spoleto (Italy) on 2 May 1952
  • Dottore in Mechanical Engineering at Roma University “La Sapienza” with score of 107/110 one session in advance to standard planning
  • Program for Executive Development PED at IMD Lausanne (Switzerland), Trainings at Cranfield University, Training at Torino University, etc. 
  • Married



  • Italian ( mother language), French and English (fluent), German ( limited on known subjects only )


Business Experience :


  1. AUTONEUM Group (Zurich Stock Exchange AUTN.SW )


From January 2013 : Head Licensee Business


                                    Global Sales Coordinator FIAT group                                                                       (additional information on request, if allowed)

a) management task to care of licensee business in the world : manly Turkey, South Africa, Malaysia, Taiwan, etc. the satisfaction of partners, contracts and their update and their payment of license fees

b) also to coordinate business acquisition activities for FIAT group .

  • Tasks :                           Assure Turnover and Profitability, Business Strategy
  • Report to :                     Group head of non in house activities
  • Business Dimension : Direct reports : none
  • Results : closing 2013 according to Budget, 2013, 98% of premium results


Personal Trainig : Beijin, 26 April 2014 at 798 Art Zone

CONTEPORARY ART INVESTMENT Organized by IMD Alumni of China (see also in Page Photo (Foto), in Menu on Top of the page)



From July 2011 to December 2012  : a) Chief Executive Officer AUTONEUM NITTOKU ASIA PACIFIC Ltd. – Shanghai PRC

a) management company for Autoneum Group Joint Ventures (JVs) with Japanese Partner Company NITTOKU in Asia located in China (North and South), India and Thailand and are dedicated to the production and sale of automotive components to Japanese car manufacturers, mainly TOYOTA, NISSAN and HONDA in these countries.

                b) also Member of the Board of Directors of the companies : AUTONEUM NITTOKU GHAUNZHOU (China), TIANJIN AUTONEUM NITTOKU (China), AUTONEUM NITTOKU SOUND PROOF PRODUCTS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED (India), SRN SOUND PROOF Co., Ltd. (Thailand) and UGN Inc. (USA). This last company alone with Turnover of 230 MioUS$

  • Tasks as CEO:                           Assure Turnover and Profitability, Business Strategy
  • Report to :                                  Group CEO
  • Business Dimension as CEO:   Direct reports (JV CEOs)+Indirect : 590
  • Results : closing 2011 according to Budget, 2012 profitability to date according to budget despite sales decrease due to political crisis P.R. China with Japan for small islands.     


2.    RIETER (Zurich Stock Exchange), Automotive Division


Sept. 2005-Jun. 2011 :  Head of Sales for the Truck Business Worldwide – Desio Italy


  • Report to Group Business Group Truck Head (member of Group Executive Committee), in charge of Customers Business Strategy and Global Sales,  (IVECO, VOLVO Truck group, DAIMLER Truck group, MAN, SCANIA, PACCAR-DAF, agricultural vehicles manufacturers)
  • Business Dimension :   Direct reports : Global Key Account Managers and Overseas Local Sales Responsibles)
  • Results ; Sales Target reached or exceeded  : first order for Rieter Automotive in India (MAN-FORCE) and the first orders for commercial vehicles in China (DAIMLER Vito/Viano heat-shields and SAIC-IVECO-HONGYANG Genlyon cabin interior trim and upper-storage), important orders for VOLVO Truck and DAIMLER both in Europe and South America, for cabin interior trim and exterior noise parts. First order for partner NITTOKU by UD (ex NISSAN DIESEL) VOLVO Truck group in Japan


Jan. 2001-Aug. 2005 : Head of world-wide Customer Business Unit (CBU) for FIAT Auto Group – Leini’ (TO), Italy

productions in Italy, Poland, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa Turkey and licensee in Maroc,

  • Report to Business Group Europe Head (member of Group Executive Committee)
  • in charge of Customer Business Strategy and Global Sales, plus Sales Administration in Europe
  • Business Dimension :   Direct reports ( Key Account Manager and Overseas Local Sales Responsibles for )
  • Results ; Sales Target reached or exceeded : renewal and expansion of business for FIAT/LANCIA Idea/Musa (B-MPV Projects), ALFA-ROMEO 159 (939 Projects) and mostly for FIAT PUNTO (199 project), connected to GM Opel Corsa and FIAT DUCATO (250 Project)


May 1997-Dec. 2000 : Head of the world-wide Customer Business Unit (CBU) RENAULT (cars) group – Aubergenville (Paris area), France,

productions in France, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina and Turkey.

  • Report to Head of Legal Unit France, Spain, GB  (member of Group Executive Committee)
  • in charge of Customer Business Strategy and Global Sales, plus Sales Administration in France
  • Business Dimension :   Direct reports : Key Account Manager and Overseas Local Sales Responsible persons

Turnover 70 MioEuro/year

  • Results : acquisition of new business on joined project RENAULT with GM Opel (X83) commercial vehicle.   After investment of RENAULT in NISSAN, managed from Rieter side first phase of  integration of RENAULT and NISSAN, organising first visits of RENAULT purchasing and technical teams to partners NITTOKU in Shizuoka, Japan and MAGEE (later Rieter Automotive North America) in Bloomsberg PN, USA


Acquisition or business for RENAULT Megane in Brazil and first components for RENAULT  in Argentina (KANGOO).


Together with the Acoustic Services in France he could assure important research activities in collaboration with RENAULT for exterior noise (Project COCON) and Interior Noise simulation (project VENUS)


Mar. 1996-Apr. 1997 : Vice-President Joint-Ventures and Licensees for Rieter Automotive Management AG of Brüttisellen (Zuerich), Switzerland

In charge of licensees in India, Turkey, South Africa, Morocco, Argentina, two major tasks:

1) analyse business opportunities in extra-European automotive market and propose the top management the start up of new alliances, through Joint Ventures and new licence contracts.

2) organise technical support to existing Joint Ventures and Licensees.

  • Report to : Head of Group Strategy, M&A


Sept. 1994-Feb. 1996 General Manager of the Unit North of the Business Unit "Truck Europe" – in Bebra (Germany)

  • Report to Autoneum Head of Business Unit Truck Worldwide, input of Business Strategies with OEMs responsible of the turnover ( 30 Mio US$ ) and the profitability (EBIT) of the sales in the North European market of trucks (MERCEDES-BENZ, VOLVO and SCANIA) and agricultural tractors.

Supply to several counties ( Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Holland, France, Spain) from a production also in Germany, Holland, Italy, Check Republic.

  • Business Dimension :   Direct reports : Key Account Managers and Overseas Local Sales Responsible persons
Turnover 30 MioUS$/year


  • Results : major successes orders for the cabin trim of new series of Mercedes-Benz light and heavy truck series (LKN and SKN projects), start up of the serial production for cabin interior trim, treatment engine compartment and heatshields for 4-Series SCANIA truck with components produced in Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, start up of serial production for specific components on VOLVO heavy truck (FH series) extra large cabin H3 ( XL Cabin) and new major development order for the new components of VOLVO medium truck.


3.    UniKELLER Group


Sept. 1990-Aug. 1994 : Group Manager of Acoustic Research of the Group at the headquarter of Brüttisellen (Zürich, Switzerland).


  • in charge of the creation of car acoustic know-how for the group, head of central research centre in Switzerland, co-ordination of 7 other centres in Italy(2), France, Germany, Great Britain, US, Japan
  • Report to Group CEO for strategic issues and CEO subsidiary in Switzerland for practical issues (also member of Group Executive Committee)
  • Business Dimension :  Direct reports : 27 researchers in central research unit and 6 heads of local research centres
  • Results :obtained contracts with important companies in the West and in the East, from FORD USA to TOYOTA Japan, from MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA in India to BMW in München.


he had also some marketing functions, like responsibility of the International Conference, which is organised by the Unikeller Group every two years, reserved to the major manufacturers of vehicles.   Among other he is charged of the selection and contacts with the external speakers, for example at the last one: MERCEDES-BENZ, FERRARI, FIAT, RENAULT, PORSCHE, MAZDA, FENDT, VAZ.


May 1990, together with Mr. Manfredini manager of testing at FERRARI, he presents the contribution "Esperienza e Innovazione in uno studio acustico di successo su un prototipo di vettura sportiva di elevate prestazioni" (Experience and Innovation in a successfull acoustic study of the prototype of a high performance sport car), presented at SITEV in Geneve.


PROFESSIONAL Training P.E.D. Programme for Executive Development

( 5 + 5 weeks) at IMD of Lausanne


June 1982-Aug. 1990,:  Manager of the Centro Ricerche di Acustica su Veicoli (Research Centre on Vehicle Acoustics) of Santhia' (VC), Italy


  • in charge of the sales of consulting services to car manufacturers, support to sales and product development
  • Report to Legal Group CEO for strategic issues and Head of Legal Unit Switzerland for practical issues (member of Group Executive Committee)
  • Business Dimension :  Direct reports : 14 researchers and workers, 4 test benches for cars, trucks, engines and reverberant room

Results :in addition to sudies for FIAT companies, important consulting business contracts to AUDI  and FORD (Germany), RENAULT (France), AKLK (today RENAULT Russia), VAZ (today General Motors Russia)


Aug. 1979-May 1982 : Computer System Manager for Centro Ricerche di Acustica su Veicoli (Research Centre on Vehicle Acoustics) of Santhia' (VC), Italy

  • In charge of the start up, operation and development of a system of two specialized computers for Scientific Applications and signal processing of noise and vibration signals in vehicles (cars, trucks, and agricultural tractors). At his arrival the system was still at the design stage in a joined project with RENAULT Central Laboratories of Rueil Malmaison (Paris).





Apr. 1977-July 1978 : Researcher in the field of vibration analysis of machine tools at FIAT Auto S.p.A. and FIAT Research Centre S.p.A.datached at Istituto for the Ricerche di Tecnologia Meccanica at time owned by FIAT, OLIVETTI and FINMECCANICA in Vico Canavese (TO, Italy)  


Apr. 1976-Mar. 1997, Student-Researcher at Istituto per le Ricerche di Tecnologia Meccanica e per l'Automazione ( Institute for Research in Mechanical Technology and Automation ) of Vico Canavese (TO - Italy) after winning one of the for 6 scholarships of the national competition  reserved to last-year university students in industrial engineering, announced by the Institute.




Additional Training, Publications and Consulting to External Entities


August 2011, seminar “Doing business with Asian cultures in China/Asia”, ad hoc training from INTERCULTURES in Shanghai


June 2009, together with NITTOKU, he has organised and followed the visit of Japanese Automotive Manufacturers Association (JAMA) to Rieter Automotive Italian facilities, with the participation of JAMA, TOYOTA and HINO.


July 1996, Course “How to license your Technology” at the Cranfield University (Great Britain).


September 1996, Conference “European Global Strategy” organised by Merrill Linch in Zuerich (Switzerland)


October 1996, Course “Fundamentals of Finance & Accounting” organised in Copenhagen by Management Center Europe of Brussels.


June 1990, course "Organizzazione Aziendale e gestione delle Risorse Umane" (Company Organization and Management of Human Resources), at the SAA Scuola di Amministrazione Aziendale (School of Company Administration) of the University of Torino.


July 1990, he presents the following contributions to the International Conference "Acoustic Ecology-90" of St. Petersburg (Leningrad) ( Russia ):     "Fundamental Concepts for the design of a Versatile Computer System for Acoustic and Dynamic Analysis of Vehicles" and "The Exterior Noise of Vehicles: reduction of the contribution of the engine group with passive interventions. Outline on interventions on intake systems".


January 1991, he hold two lessons of 8 hours each to young graduates of the new FIAT Research Center (ELASIS), at the  ISVOR-FIAT  of Torino: "Sistemi digitali di acquisizione ed elaborazione dei dati sperimentali" (Digital Systems for the Acquisition and Analysis of Experimental Data) and "Analisi Modale e Deformazioni Dinamiche nel funzionamento reale" (Modal Analysis and Dynamic Deformations in the Real Working Conditions).


He published the report "Noise reduction in truck power units by passive measures" in the magazine TRUCK TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL '91 published by Sterling Publication International.


February 1991, he is invited guest to the International Conference on Plastic Materials in Cars organised by DOW Chemicals in Montreux ( Switzerland ).


July 1991, he presents the contribution  "The influence of Acoustic Materials in the Previsional Analysis of the Interior Noise of Vehicles" at the UK Conference.


January 1992, together with Mr. H. Kiessig of Nihon-Unikeller (Japan) he publishes the report  "Design technique of acoustic and thermal-acoustic screens for exterior noise reduction of cars" in the magazine AUTOMOTIVE DESIGN ENGINEERING '92.


February 1992, course "Finance Matters in R&D" at the Cranfield Institute of Technology, Cranfield (Great Britain).


March 1992, together with Mr. R. La Barre, he presents the contribution "Die Probleme verbunden mit der Spezification und Einführung eines neuen rechnergesteuereten Messsystems von Automobilakustik- und Schwingungsdaten" (Problems met in the definition and introduction of a new flexible computer based measuring system for the acoustic and dynamic analysis of vehicles) at the Conference Geräuschminderung bei Kraftfahrzeugen (Noise Reduction in Cars ) at the "Haus der Technik" of Essen (Germany).


June 1992, for the "Master en Enginyeria de l' Automobil", he makes a conference with the title "Noise Reduction in Vehicles" at the UNIVERSITAT POLITECNICA DE CATALUNYA of Barcellona.


August-September 1992, he follows the full time management development program: P.E.D.( Program for Executive Development ) at the I.M.D. ( International Institute for Management Development ) of Lausanne (Switzerland). The course, divided in two trances of 5 weeks each, treated the following main topics:


- controlling and finance

- management of the production

- logistic

- marketing

- management of human potential

- management of R&D

- company organization

- ecology


October 1992, Conference "Faire und unfaire Dialektik" e "Managementpotential als Voraussetzung für die Unternehmensentwicklung" in the program NDU (Nach-Diplom in Unternehmungsführung) at the Hochschule St. Gallen, Switzerland.


October 1992, he presents the contribution "Active Cabin Quieting - A Promising Complement to Passive Noise Treatment" to the International Symposium on "Transport Noise And Vibration" at St. Petersburg, Russia. He has also been chairman of one of the

sessions of the symposium.


October 1992, together with prof. Caputo of the University of Roma, he is chairman of the session "Vibrazione del veicolo e ruolo dei materiali" ( Vehicle vibration and role of materials)

at the 2nd International Conference "Vehicle Comfort - Ergonomic, Vibrational, Noise and Thermal Aspects" organized by A.T.A. Associazione Tecnica dell' Automobile. 


March-April 1993, he follows the second part of the full time management development programme: P.E.D.(Program for Executive Development ) at the I.M.D. ( International Institute for Management Development ) of Lausanne (Switzerland).


10 May 1993, he is invited speaker at the workshop on "Acoustic Materials" at the SAE Noise and Vibration Conference and Exposition at Travers City ( Michigan) U.S.A.


16 September 1993, he is the main (invited speaker at the Conference "European Trends in Automotive NVH Technology" organised by the Advanced Engineering Center of Vehicle Development & Alpha of Ford Motor Company in Detroit (U.S.A.).


December 1993, he publish the contribution "Acoustic Research in Car Industry" in AUTOMOTIVE DESIGN ENGINEERING 1994.


10 December 1993, he presents the speech "The Contribution of the sound package to the interior comfort of car and the techniques for it's optimal design" at the International

Conference World Class Manufacturing Technologies in the Automotive Industry at New Delhi (India).


September 1983, he presents the contribution "Rilievo ed elaborazione dei segnali acustici e vibratori su autovetture" (Detection and elaboration of acoustic and vibrational signals on cars) at the meeting of the Associazione Italiana di Acustica (A.I.A.) (Italian Acoustic Association) at Torino, contribution published by ESA Edizioni Scientifiche Associate of Roma.


April 1984,  "I.A.V.D." ( International Association for Vehicle Design ) Congress on "Vehicle Design and Components" at Geneve.


March 1984, he gives a seminar of 2 days on: "Studi Applicativi sulle Vibrazioni nei Veicoli per un migliore Conforto Acustico" (Application Studies on Vehicle Vibrations for a better Acoustic Comfort) at the department of  Mechanics and Aeronautics of the University of Roma, invited by prof. Sestieri, professor of Vibration Mechanics.


Aprile 1985, seminar "Soluzioni per la Trasmissione Dati" (Solutions for data Transmission), held by Hewlett-Packard at Milano.


Settember 1984, together with Mr. Poncini e Giussani of the Research Centre of ALFA-ROMEO of Arese, he presents the contribution "Study on the dynamic behaviour of a sedan car body to define it's influence on the Acoustic Comfort" at the ISATA ( International Symposium on Automotive Technology and Automation) in Milano, contribution published in the proceedings of the symposium.


From 1st January 1985, is enrolled as "dirigente" ( management contract according to Italian laws); before his transfer to his following position abroad (described in the continuation) he was member of the management committee of the Car Division of Unikeller Italiana and member of the Directors Conference of the Unikeller Group.


On 5th May 1985 he hold a lesson of 4 hours on the techniques of analysis and improvement of the acoustic comfort of cars, as a part of the training for the personnel of the testing area of the trim department of ALFA-ROMEO, at the technical centre of Arese.


June 1985, "Advanced Modal Analysis Course" of L.M.S. at Milano.


On 16 and 17 October 1985 he hold the seminar "Analizzatori di Spettro Digitali in bassa frequenza utilizzanti la trasformata rapida di Fourier FFT - Analisi Modale" (Digital Low Frequency Spectrum Analysers using the Fast Fourier Transform FFT - Modal Analysis) in collaboration with Hewlett-Packard Italiana and LMS, at the ISVOR-FIAT in Torino.


April 1986, he hold the seminar "Acoustic Materials, a tool against Noise and Vibration in Vehicles" in Nanjing, People Republic of China.


July 1986, he hold a course of one week on the use of desk-top computers for the analysis of acoustic and vibration signals at the Institute VISKHOM of Moscow ( Russia ).


September 1987, he is one of the speakers at the Symposium "The Acoustic Problem in Vehicles and the Acoustic Materials" at the Research Centre of ZIL in Moscow ( Russia ).


March 1988, he presents the contribution "Il problema degli Infrasuoni nell' abitacolo dei veicoli, un esempio: la cabina di un autocarro pesante" ( The problem of infra-noise in the passenger compartment of vehicles, an example: the cabin of a heavy truck), at the Congress of the Italian Acoustic Association.   The contribution was published in the proceedings of the congress and he was also chairman of one of the sessions of the congress.


June 1988, seminar "Le tecniche innovative nella progettazione - l'analisi modale" (Innovating Design Techniques - the Modal Analysis), at the Politecnico of Torino.


Settember 1988, together with Mr. Mergeay of LMS International and Mr. Cior of RENAULT, he is the author of the contribution "Impact and Benefit of the Introduction of a Versatile Computer Based Dynamic Analysis System in two Large Automotive Research Laboratories", presented at the "Modal Analysis Conference" at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven ( Belgium ) and published in the proceedings of the conference.


November 1988, he presents the contribution "La prevenzione del rumore in fase di progettazione della carrozzeria di una vettura" (The prevention of the noise in the phase of design of a new car body) at the II International Congress on "Metodologie e Mezzi Innovativi per la Sperimentazione nel Settore Automobilistico" (Innovating Methodologies and Tools for Testing in the Automotive Sector), organized by the University of Firenze and by A.T.A. ( Technical Association of  Automobile ).   The conrtibution has been published in the proceedings of the Congress.   He was chairman of the sessions dedicated to noise.


During this first technical phase of his carrier, he could reach a professional knowledge, at different levels, of the following computer operating systems and/or programming languages:


-  B.C.S.

-  Real Time Executive II, III, IV e RTE-A

   ( Hewlett-Packard )



-  Fortran IV e 77

-  C.


September 1979, course "Le systeme d' Analyse de Fourier" (The Fourier Analysis System), held by Mr. Tiebaud of Hewlett-Packard France.


March 1981, seminar "Analisi Dinamica dei Segnali" (Dynamic Analysis of Signals) held by Hewlett-Packard Italiana at Torino.


April 1981, he presents the contribution "The data acquisition and elaboration system of Italiana Keller - experiences and results" to the 7th UK Conference at Zürich, contribution published in the proceedings of the conference and translated in 5 languages.


September 1981, he presents the contribution "Digital Analysis Techniques in the Acoustic Study of Spark Ignition Engines" at the seminar "Modal Analysis - theory and application" at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven ( Leuven Catholic University, Belgium ), contribution published in the proceedings of the seminar.


During the years from 1980 to 1982 he attends the following other courses oriented to computer systems:


 - "The Hewlett-Packard 1000 series systems"

 - "The Real Time Executive operating system"

 - "The Hewlett-Packard Fortran"

 - "The system manager's course".


January 1982, course "The Fourier System Development System (F.S.D.S.) hold by Leuven Measurement and Systems ( LMS ) at Leuven.


July 1977, 5th M.T.D.R. ( Machine Tool Design and Research ) Conference, at the Imperial College of Science and Technology of London.


April 1978, course "Analyse de Correlation et de Coherence" (Analysis of Correlation and Coherence) at the United States Trade Centre of Paris.


June 1976, Course "Noise and Vibration in Environment and Industry" at the EURATOM Centre of Ispra (Italy).


December 1977, he receives his doctorate (Laurea) in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Roma, with the score of 107/110; in addition to the normal tutor from the University he had a second one, ing. Borsati of FIAT Research Center.




Additional Information on Experience with Car/Truck Manufacturers

he contributed to, managed or directly supervised research and/or development projects and/or sale of components for serial production to the following manufacturers of vehicles:


  • NISSAN (Spain, Great Britain, China)
  • ROVER (Great Britain )
  • VOLVO Car, VOLVO Truck, SAAB, SCANIA ( Sweden )
  • HONDA (Japan, China, India, Turkey)
  • TOTOYA (Japan, China, Thailand)
  • SKODA (Czech Republic)
  • HYUNDAI ( Korea )
  • ZIL, AZLK (Moskvich), DON, LADA (VAZ) (Russia)
  • MTZ (Belarus) (Bielorussia Republik)
  • SMH, now DAIMLER (Switzerland)
  • ZASTAVA (Yugoslabja)
  • RENAULT Car, VOLVO Truck, DAIMLER (Mercedes-Benz) (Brazil)
  • RENAULT Car, IVECO (Argentina) 


He also personally contributed to the proposition and development of several research projects financed by European Community ( EEC ).














He is or has been member of following professional or personal associations :


  • "Ordine degli Ingegneri"
  • "Associazione Italiana di Acustica"
  • "Groupement des Acousticiens de Langue Francaise"
  • "European Modal Analysis Users Group" of which was also member  of the managing council at the University of Leuven and representative for Italy
  • S.A.E. ( Society of Automotive Engineers ), U.S.A.
  • He is, or has been, member of the following non-professional association:
  • ROTARY Club of Spoleto (Italy), Biella (Italy), Shanghai (P.R. China) and again Biella

  • MERCEDES-BENZ Registro Italia (MBRI), from which he also won "Autoscatta" photographic award hereunder at beginning 2014

This Marco's photo won Marcedes-Benz price "Autoscatta" for 1980-1990 decade:



                 1982 Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC




This is the Cronograph Mercedes-Benz that Marco has won with his picture here over


You can contact him at number:


+39 335 5736740


Or you can use the on line form at page Contacts

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